100% organic cider and apple juice

Our cider and apple juices are entirely natural and ecological, as they are made from organic apples from our apples.

The first thing to do is to have healthy and well-kept apples. To the east, sunny and ventilated plantations of sacred trees, with apples of different kinds and patterns between the ages of 3 and 20. Its monitoring, control and maintenance is carried out under the advice of technicians specializing in cider apple and taking into account the most recent pruning and maintenance techniques. Pruning is done in winter and summer (from November to March and August), Floration (approximately April) and harvesting (from early October to mid-November).

All the treatments we give, though few, are ecological. We use animals to create the natural sustenance of plantation (cleaning and fertilizer).

  • L05H
  • L02H
  • L06H
  • L07H
  • L09H
  • L10H
  • L11H
  • L12H
  • L13H
  • L14H
  • L17H
  • L19H
  • L23H
  • L27H
  • L08H

  • M02H
  • M03H
  • M04H
  • M05H
  • M06H
  • M11H
  • M12H
  • M13H
  • M01H

The fruit of all this is a quality product. More than 18 varieties of cider suitable for soil and climatology, all suitable for the designation of origin "Euskal Sagardoa". Together with the Seed Network, we develop native apple nurseries in Álava as "guardians" of these plants for conservation, study and study of their composition and evolution.

After getting some healthy consecrations, he picks up the apples and makes juice and cider.  Although we are looking and looking at the alternatives in the collection machines, for the time being we use the usual style (pick them up one by one or by means of awnings). 

  • K08H
  • K09H
  • K15H
  • K17H
  • K16H
  • K07H
  • K11H
  • K10H
  • K02H
  • K04H
  • K12H
  • K13H
  • K05H
  • K14H
  • J09H

And the result of all this can only be perfect.

Iturrieta is a small, artisan sidreria. Today we produce about 20,000 liters of cider and apple juice. It should be noted that the minimum time limit for the collection of apples and the time spent between the collection and the press is as small as possible, thus ensuring the quality of the juice.