Ecological agriculture

Organic farming is a land-based production system. Therefore, the care and enrichment of the land is a priority to achieve foods with its own characteristics. The ENEEK Organic Agriculture and Food Council certifies and controls our products. ENEEK number: 1656.

Good agricultural practices and sustainable agricultural innovation

As an ecological project based in Araba, we belong to “Bionekazaritza”, and “Saskibarazki”, as well as A.S.S.E. (Alaveses Fruit Growers and Processors), and we also collaborate closely with “Hazien Sarea”.


Always, due to the characteristics of the cider house and its location, it makes Iturrieta a quiet and suitable place to come with children. Garden, games, animals, baby changing station, high chairs,... children's menu, which means that we receive a number of family reservations. Our natural apple juice replaces the typical “unnatural” soft drinks.

Dog friends

Because of our love and respect for animals, which have always been with us, your dog is welcome. We participate in the “Euskadi con perro” Basketour program. Check the conditions before coming with your “colleagues”.